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2012-04-01 03:29:17 by TGMegatron

Hello everyone and I just started one and i heard about this gaming site from a friend of mine who no longer is on here anymore. Well enough bout that my favorite things to do our make music using FL Studio, make graphic and fractal art using GIMP and Aphopysis 7X which both of these programs our free. I also enjoy browsing the web an learning new things about art and graphic design, as well as brainstorming ideas for a gaming website or even just a nice little blog. I am 17 years old work at a gas station in a small little town, I am still in highschool, my hobbies outside of school an work our doing different computer things on my laptop, skateboarding, playing soccer an basketball; as well as hanging out with all my friends. Anyways enough bout me time to explore this website and see all the things it has to offer!!!


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